Night Guards in Canton, OH

Night Guards in Canton, OH

Night guards are dental appliances you wear while sleeping to protect your teeth from grinding and clenching. They are made of soft plastic or hard acrylic and fit over your teeth.

Bruxism is an oral condition that causes you to grind or clench your teeth at night. This habit can cause severe damage to your teeth over time. Night guards are worn to protect teeth from this teeth grinding and clenching that bruxism causes, preventing dental problems such as chipped or cracked teeth, tooth sensitivity, and jaw pain. 

At Patibandla Dental, we offer custom-made night guards for our patients. Our dentist in Canton, OH, can examine your mouth to determine if you would benefit from wearing a night guard. If so, we will take impressions of your teeth to create a comfortable, effective night guard for you to wear every night. 

The Different Types of Night Guards 

Soft Night Guards

Made of pliable materials like silicone, soft night guards are comfortable and cushion the teeth. They are ideal for patients with minor teeth grinding, sensitive teeth, or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues. 

Hard Night Guards

These night guards are typically crafted from acrylic and are more durable. They provide a robust barrier for individuals with moderate to severe bruxism and are designed to withstand strong teeth-grinding or clenching forces. 

Custom-Fitted Night Guards

A dentist customized these night guards to fit a patient's unique dental structure. Custom-fitted night guards provide the most precise and comfortable protection and are highly recommended for severe bruxism or TMJ disorders. 

Over-the-counter (OTC) Night Guards

OTC night guards are available at drugstores and can be used without professional fitting. While they are more affordable, they are generally less effective and less comfortable than custom-fitted options. 

The Benefits of Wearing a Night Guard 

Reduced Tooth Wear

Grinding or clenching your teeth at night can cause them to wear down over time. This can lead to chipped or broken teeth. A night guard in Canton, OH, can help prevent this by cushioning your teeth and preventing direct contact between them. 

Prevents TMJ Disorder 

TMJ disorder is a condition that causes pain in the jaw joint and surrounding muscles. It can be caused by a misalignment of the jaw, stress, anxiety, and other conditions. A night guard can help relieve some of TMJ disorder symptoms by reducing the pressure placed on your jaw when you sleep. 

Improved Sleep Quality

Many people who grind their teeth at night also experience difficulty sleeping. A night guard can help you sleep better by preventing the grinding and clenching that disrupts your sleep. 

Improved Oral Health 

Grinding and clenching can wear down the enamel on your teeth, making them more susceptible to decay. A night guard can protect your teeth from this wear and tear, improving your oral health. 

If you suffer from bruxism, visit Patibandla Dental at 3507 CLEVELAND AVE. NW, Canton, OH 44709, or call (330) 452-0695 to schedule an appointment. We would be happy to help you get relief from your symptoms and protect your teeth and gums from further damage.

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